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Backing for woodlands crematorium solar plans informs about crematoria in Europe-, find a crematorium
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COUNCILLORS are set to decide whether solar panels that were installed on the roof of a crematorium without permission could become a permanent fixture.

The 16 panels were put in place at Woodlands Crematorium by Scarborough Council before controversial Government plans to slash the subsidies for household solar electricity come into force.

On Thursday the authority’s planning committee will agree whether to back the officer’s recommendation to keep them.

Jill Low, the council’s planning manager, said: “There are 16 panels positioned on the flat roof area of the crematorium building, it is considered that the roof coverage of the panels does not result in a dominant development within the site with the majority of the roof area remaining unaffected. The panels are not considered to significantly alter the appearance of the building or character of the crematorium.

“The solar panels are positioned on a flat roof section of the crematorium building to the rear of the site facing south and therefore, the solar PV panels are not visible from the principal elevation of the building which faces north. “Furthermore, the main Crematorium building screens the development from view on the road approach to the crematorium with the flat roof section positioned at a lower level. Therefore, the panels are not considered to result in a detrimental impact to the surrounding environment and amenity by virtue of the fact that they area largely hidden from view.”

Recommending the plans for approval, Mrs Low added: “The installation of solar PV panels at Woodlands Crematorium is considered acceptable as they do not harm the appearance of the premises and character of the surrounding environment.

“The proposed renewable energy would make a positive contribution to both local energy needs and mitigating against the effects of climate change.”

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