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Council moves for eviction HIGHLAND Council will take court action against travellers today if they are still camped at the gates of Inverness Crematorium and Kilvean Cemetery. Mourners are having to pass through the travellers’ encampment and several have lodged complaints with the council.
ADEL | 24/9/2010
An investigation of crematorium employees in Hamburg accused of harvesting gold teeth and jewellery from customer corpses has uncovered a sensitive topic that the majority of German morticians refuse to address publicly, a funeral industry newspaper reported on Friday.
Local | 10/9/2010
Four young mourners were killed and one person was injured when a roof of a crematorium at Ambala lake in temple town Ramtek, about 40 km from Nagpur, collapsed, police said today.
ADEL | 3/9/2010
When a special person in your life willingly, graciously and with good humor feeds you, bathes you and changes your diapers day after day, year after year, that's love. Three dozen years ago that's what Lois Lucas did for little Sunny Paszkiewicz. She became the baby's de facto grandmother. And when Lucas' health failed about 12 years ago, she and the grown Sunny switched roles. The women developed a powerful bond that is lasting beyond the grave.
The Sun | 31/8/2010
Swedish law, which allows the first person who reaches peak to name the mountain, makes for some objectionable mountain names.
Haaretz | 17/8/2010
Council sparks anger after installing red flashing light to tell mourners to hurry up at crematorium COUNCIL bureaucrats have put a flashing red light in a crematorium chapel to make sure grieving families don't take too long to mourn their loved-ones. Staff at Perth Crematorium time funeral services to make sure they take no longer than 20 minutes.
James Moncur | 6/8/2010
Crematorium recycles metal body parts for hospice A crematorium in Wiltshire has raised £1,000 for a local hospice by recycling metal body parts left behind after cremations. West Wiltshire Crematorium, in Semington, said it was the first time it had recycled the parts, such as replacement hips and knee joints.
BBC | 2/8/2010
The recently deceased are helping people stay warm for the winter
Copenhagen post | 22/7/2010
Many families today are chosing cremation of their loved ones instead of the traditional burial in a cemetary
ADL | 15/7/2010
Belgian undertakers have proposed protecting the environment by dissolving corpses. The process of turning the deceased into liquid and ash would use far less energy than a crematorium, and there wouldn't be any CO2 emissions either. Authorities are pondering the controversial idea.
ADL | 15/7/2010
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