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Dublin: Locals object to proposal for burial site

www.crematorium.eu informs about crematoria in Europe- Krematorium.eu- crematorio.eu, find a crematorium
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A PROPOSAL to build a graveyard and crematorium at the foot of the Dublin Mountains has attracted more than 80 objections.

The development, planned for land on the Ballycorus Road at Kilternan, also received 24 supportive submissions, including one from Dublin county sheriff, John Fitzpatrick, who is a local resident.

The 10-acre Kilternan Burial Ground and Crematorium Park, being proposed by Hantise Ltd Ashman Properties Ltd, is on land that was formerly part of a lead mine and processing plant.

The plan includes a two-storey crematorium with a chapel and seating for 150 people, along with prayer rooms, a family room, an administrative office and two underground cremators.

A one-acre traditional graveyard is also included as well as an urn and ash grave burial area, and a “garden reflection pavilion” with 10-foot high “remembrance walls”. A car park with 76 spaces is proposed at the development with access onto the Ballycorus Road.

The planning application also includes the retention of the majority of the existing hedgerows and trees on site, with “substantial new tree planting” and an amenity walk along the Loughlinstown river. The site is zoned for agricultural development, with a cemetery “permitted in principle”, but with no mention of a crematorium.

Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council received objections to the development from the Kilternan Residents Association and the local Green Party as well as many individual local residents. Issues raised included concerns about emissions from the cremators and their effects on health, the impact of traffic and the effect on the Loughlinstown river.

Objectors said the land was prone to flooding and also pointed out that a report from the Environmental Protection Agency said the land, formerly part of a mine, had concentrations of lead in excess of guidelines for soil.

The Green Party objection, from former ministers Ciarán Cuffe and Eamon Ryan along with former councillor Tom Kivlehan, said the proposed site was known locally as “Leadville”.

“Excavations on these lands may release pollution that could lead to contamination,” it said. It also said the site was 1,500m away from public transport.

In its submission, Inland Fisheries Ireland described the Loughlinstown river system as “exceptional” among urban systems as it supported migratory sea trout as well as brown trout. If the development were to go ahead “only clean, uncontaminated water should leave the development site”, it said.

In his submission to the planning authority, Mr Fitzpatrick said the proposed development was “very well thought out” and “in keeping with the local landscape”.

Concerns raised were “mostly groundless and hysterical”, he said.

Other supporters included local stone masons and other businesses who said the development would provide much-needed facilities as well as local employment.

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