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Isle of Wight: New cremators to be installed at Crematorium informs about crematoria in Europe-, find a crematorium
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Isle of Wight Council has announced a project that will improve services at the Isle of Wight Crematorium. Due to required new environmental regulations relating to mercury emissions from cremations, the council has been looking at replacing the cremators at the facility.
From December 31 2012, new government guidelines require at least a 50 percent abatement of emmissions from cremations or crematorium operators face possible fines.
Following a tendering process, a firm has now been chosen and two new cremators will be installed at the Newport based building next year. The new cremators are far more efficient than the current equipment, and ensure no mercury emissions are expelled into the atmosphere. The current cremators are also coming to the end of their useful life, having been first installed 15 years ago.
As part of the project, the crematorium building will be extended to house the new equipment and as well as improve facilities for visitors. A new quiet room will also be built where family members can sit with a member of staff to discuss funeral arrangements or any other business of a sensitive nature with out any disruption.
Construction work to extend the building and install the new cremators will begin in the spring and is due to be completed by the end of the year.
Alex Minns, strategic manager for recreation and public spaces said “The new cremators are required due to environmental regulations that limit the amount of mercury emissions. The new equipment will ensure there are no mercury emissions and they will require less maintenance than the current cremators, reducing costs in the future.
“Unfortunately during the building work from spring 2012, there will be some disruption which will mean the crematorium will have a reduced service until the works are complete, but it will still be open and available. “To ensure people can still access services at the crematorium during the works, a plan has been developed and will be put into place to ensure minimum disruption to funeral services.”
A planning application for the works at the crematorium has been submitted and is due to be published later this month.
Residents should contact the crematorium if they require further information. The service can be contacted on (01983) 882288.
The Isle of Wight Crematorium recently celebrated half a century of service, having first opened in 1961.

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