Man claims human ash from crematorium could contaminate his private water supply - News about crematoria in Europe - informs about crematoria in Europe-, find a crematorium

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Man claims human ash from crematorium could contaminate his private water supply informs about crematoria in Europe-, find a crematorium
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Fears have been raised that human ash from a proposed crematorium could contaminate a private water supply.

A man has hit out at a proposed crematorium development in Buchan - claiming that human ash would be in danger of contaminating his private water supply if the plans go ahead.

In a letter to the local authority, Russell Gall claimed that the crematorium development earmarked for West Knock Farm, near Stuartfield, will contaminate his water supply at Yokieshill, Mintlaw.

He said that Peterhead-based developers, McAdam design, have "completely failed" to take into consideration the issue of human ash going into his water, and the impact that the increase of traffic will have on the A952 stretch of road.

He stated: "I asked for assurance that the quality and quantity of our water supply would not be adversely affected by the proposed development and this assurance has not been given.

"My fears for contamination have actually risen, although the developer acknowledges the presence of our well they seem to have completely ignored it when discussing the scattering of ashes and the drainage plan for the car parking areas."

Mr Gall added that a letter from Mr Alistair Angus from McAdam design implying that the developers had not been able to gain access to see the wells in the area, was "a complete fabrication."

He said: "I personally met with Mr Angus and showed him the location of our well in March. During this meeting...we discussed possible measures to stop any contamination from reaching our water supply."

Mr Gall also claimed that the increase volume of traffic in the area will have a "severe impact" on his farming business.

"I have field exits very close to the proposed development and my farm traffic may be completely delayed by up to one and a half hours at a time.

"During potato harvest this could lead to a harvesting team of eight people have to wait one-and-a-half hours while the car park emptied, up to three times a day.

"This impact will not only be felt by our farm traffic at peak operating times but will be an ongoing daily challenge for all the local residents who use this junction. I can see this leading to frustration and more accidents on an already very fast and dangerous stretch of road."

The proposed crematorium development includes the formation of an ancillary tearoom with access, car parking, and a remembrance garden.

The public has until June 6 to comment on the proposals.

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