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Crematorium boss backs plan to stream Stafford funeral services online

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A plan to stream funeral services in Stafford on the internet has been backed by the manager of one of the first crematoriums in the UK to go online.

The proposal will see the Stafford Crematorium site at Tixall Road, which is run by Stafford Borough Council, installing webcams.

Craigton Crematorium in Glasgow was one of the first in the country to employ the service – and manager Harry Tosh told StaffsLive the initiative had been popular.

“It’s been a big success,” he said. “We don’t just do webcasts, we also offer families an audio CD and DVD of the service and we’ve had no negative feedback at all.

“This benefits your aunt and uncle in Australia or Canada but it also works for a lady in a nursing home who is housebound or too ill to attend. They can then participate with the service online and feel as if they’re part of that particular service.”

Mr Tosh also quelled fears that the recordings might be an invasion of privacy.

“We have a password generated for us by the webcasting company and we then pass that on to the applicant of the funeral.

“It’s only the applicant of the funeral that has that password and username – it’s then up to them to give that out to who they see fit. It’s totally controlled by them, so it’s pretty secure.

“We’ve been running webcasts for nearly three years and all of them have been fine.”

Stafford Crematorium have also confirmed that they will have an 80,000-track music database so families can choose which songs to play at funerals.

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